Launched in 2016, Jean-me.com is a global e-commerce website that caters for the needs of relevant people looking to present, collect, and file their design work, mainly focusing on denim industry. It is an online marketplace that helps thousands of denim enthusiasts reach new audiences and exhibit their artwork more easily. Furthermore, the eligible designers selected might have the opportunity to sell their designs!

The heart and soul of Jean-me is the creative entrepreneurs, who use Jean-me to display what they create; the manufacturers looking for unique denim designs, the tale hunters searching for the things they can’t find anywhere else, the companies who partner with Jean-me community to help them grow, and finally every individual who maintain and nurture global marketplace with innovative ideas, projects and representations.

What Is Inside?

The works presented in Jean-me are totally unique… We ask denim designers to submit their designs that weren’t used in their daily working life so they can increase their own awareness level upon all other people worldwide by their good artworks that are going to waste anyway. These products presented in Jean-me are varying from laser effect designs (such as whiskers, rodeos, slubs, fades, destroys) to denim accessory designs (such as button designs, belt loops, zippers, rivets, labels etc), from different denim collections to vectorial works.

How We Do It?

There are many producers, designers, customers, R&D professionals and different people in denim industry checking our website daily to look for innovative ideas and unique designs for their production agenda. The denim industry has been spreaded all over the world and not all the institutions have good intellectuals. So Jean-me is the best platform for designers to upload their works and share them with everyone interested easily. Besides this, they can connect with other designers and exchange ideas with our forum tool. We believe that better conditions for designers means better designs which means happy designers, which means even better designs!